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Kin Vision and Guidelines
About the Iron Axes: We are primarily a social kinship that loves and endeavors to enjoy all aspects of the game, be it RP, questing, crafting, running instances or skirmishes, farming TP, deeding, leveling alts, and so on. We like pies, ale, music, hewing orcs, and saving the day. As a whole, we tend not to be a "rush rush" group that flies through the game’s content, though some people do (usually, but not always, our more experienced players with alts). We are not, nor do we endeavor to be, a raiding or primarily end-game kinship, though many of us enjoy doing those things and look forward to doing them with our kinmates and alts.

Many of us tend toward a mature age group (mid-20s and up), but we do have and fully embrace younger members (teens, early 20s). We also have several married couples. As a group, we’re more of a gathering of friends that come together for various activities, be it hunting together one day or holing up in the Kin house on another, playing music and spending perhaps a little too much time at the keg. We like to joke around, but are responsible enough to know when to stop. We’re not elitist in any way, either in terms of play style or lore, and try to be as laid-back as possible.

The Iron Axes were initially founded by North American players who came to the Laurelin server following the migration of Codemaster’s servers to Turbine. As we’ve grown, however, a fair number of European folk have come to join us, as have a few Australian (Oceanic) players. As such, we at times have almost continual player coverage. While many of the events are planned for NA hours, we have endeavored to hold events, and have successfully done so, during EU hours as well.


- Members are expected to show proper manners to both kinmates and non-kinmates alike. Our actions reflect on the kin’s reputation and how others see us as a group. Always try to behave with respect, consideration, and kindness towards each other and other people on the server.

- Bad mouthing, poor behavior, and/or a bad attitude toward any member of the kinship itself are strictly forbidden, and will lead to a direct removal from the kinship. The kin’s strength is its cohesion, and these activities directly counter that.

- How each of us play the game is a personal choice - at no time will anyone be pressured to do anything they don’t want to – e.g., RP in a certain way, dress or act somehow, or be somewhere they don’t want to be, etc. This includes unwanted pressure to level up or develop crafting skills.

- Be helpful to the best of your abilities and as far as you are willing to. Conversely, don’t expect or demand help every time you may ask – people might actually be busy, in the middle of something, or just not in the mood to do something.

- Should you be in a position to offer advice to another player(s) or asking for help, do so politely and without overt arrogance.

If at anytime anyone feels threatened, intimidated, and/or uncomfortable with another member’s actions or words, please copy, paste, and report it to an officer immediately.


- When communicating with each other in the kinship channel, or with others players - whether in the kin or not - members are to demonstrate appropriate and polite behavior. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, nor will hostile language.

Good-natured banter and the use of moderate language is acceptable between folk who have established relationships (and who consent to the exchange). We don’t advertise as a family-friendly kin, so it’s not expected that members overly constrain themselves to appear as such. That being said, if a kin member asks for a discussion to be moved from kinchat to another location, that request should be respected.

Also, politics and religion (and other potential “hot” topic or sensitive issues) are not to be discussed in kinchat.


- As a kinship on Laurelin, one of our primary interests is RP; as such, we tend to think of ourselves as a casual to medium RP group. Rp is not required by any member per se, but it is a strong interest for many of us, and we try to do it through either ad hoc RP moments or through more formally planned events.

- In terms of lore, no knowledge is required, but a willingness to learn should be there, and respect must be given to the works of Tolkien. RP should be within the flavor of the setting. In other words, claiming silly things IC’ly like Elves marrying Hobbits, a child of the Istari, Elrond’s long-lost child with another woman, ninjas, etc. is frowned upon and discouraged.

- While publicly RP'ing, members of the Iron Axes will not - unprovoked - bully, threaten, physically assault, or IC'ly kill other characters. Defending oneself is fine and acceptable. The Iron Axes were founded by an honorable dwarf, one who deigns to help and protect folk; actions contrary to that philosophy are inappropriate and contrary to our group's M.O.


- A primary goal and strength of the kinship is its activity level, though it should be emphasized that the game never comes before RL. Many of us have children, jobs, commitments, and so on. That being said, anyone who hasn't logged in over 60 days (2 months) will be removed from the kin's roster. This applies to all members, officers and kinsmen/kinswomen alike, and represents a time span after which it is most likely (though obviously not definitely) that someone won't come back.

If you know you'll be away for awhile, just drop a line either on the kin page or through messages/tells to an officer to let us know what's going on, and so (1) we know everything is alright (many people here are friends, and someone's absence may cause legitimate concern), and (2) we know that wasn't some kinship related issue that could/should be mediated.

If you return at any time, and would like to rejoin the ranks of the Iron Axes, the door will always be open, no questions asked.

As a recruit:

- A recruit should visit the kinship website and register as a member. It is appreciated that not everyone can visit or utilize the kin page regularly, but minimally he or she must visit the site to read these rules. Most planning, discussion, etc. occurs on the kin page, so not visiting it will result in missing out on news, event plans, recruitment votes, and so on.

- The position as recruit will last for 15 days. During this time, he or she may choose to leave the kinship if they feel it is not a good fit for them.

- During these 15 days, a recruit’s behavior with other kin members will be monitored. While nothing is precisely required, he or she is encouraged to interact with kin members, attend events, and so on. This is not only so we as a kin can get to know someone and asses their fitness for the group, but also vice-versa, so he or she can see if the kin is a good fit for them as a player/RPer.

- After 15 days, a thread will be put up announcing the end of a recruit’s recruitment period. Kin members will be invited to send via discrete tells and/or private messages their opinion of the recruit in question. Following a positive outcome, a recruit will be asked if they wish to remain with the Iron Axes – if yes, then they will be promoted to kinsman/kinswoman.

- If a recruit has not logged on since their initial recruitment (i.e., 15+ days), then they will be removed from the roster.