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About the Iron Axes
Hail to you all, be you among the stout folk or among the small folk! We are the Iron Axes, and we are at your service, and your family's. Grab an ale and some roasted chicken, and have a seat by the hearth there, for we've much to talk about. For soon we will depart, and win the doors of Khazad-Dûm, and there we will find glory and wealth in the halls of the forefathers!

We are a mixed-race, but somewhat dwarf-centric, medium rp kin that plays on the Laurelin server. As we are among the (so-far) few North American transplants to this server, our playtime is met with a low server population - this kin was born in an effort to unite those newcomers to Laurelin and provide a casual, yet fun, productive, and humorous playing and rp'ing experience, and to provide a group or network of people that can work together to tackle end-game content.

So far, our efforts have been successful, as we're among the more active kinships during peak NA hours. We're looking to grow, and to provide a strong player foundation for completing group content, various RP opportunities, crafting assistance, and any other aspect of this wonderful game we call LOTRO. People of all levels of experience are welcome, as are characters of any level/race.

Also, I would be remiss not to mention our growing EU component, and the presence of a few Oceanic players in the kin. So while we started out as NA focused, we've expanded and are looking to better establish a global group of friends.