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Oaric / Nov 26, 2012
*Squeal* Sapience just released some info on the instances that were supposed to come out with RoR - seven in total will be released, three with Update 9 (before the end of the year), and four more in 2013.

Link to official release and discussion here.

Considering the movie dropping this coming December, many of these instances are Hobbit-related, and apparently include visiting the Lonely Mountain. Could be very cool stuff.
Oaric / Nov 18, 2012
So in my plight to hit level cap and make my way through Rohan's content, I've come find this new-fangled mounted combat system can be a bit daunting and confusing at times. While I enjoy it, I'm basically learning as I go along - nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, I'd like to least get a sense of what I should be doing.

Anyway, I recently came across a new blog/webpage (in someone's signature over on the Lotro forums) that is entirely devoted to warsteeds and mounted combat. Very useful, and I thought I'd pass it on in case its useful to anyone else.

Anyway, here's the link:

And pardon the fact that this is more of an advertisement rather than a proper news item! :)

Be well everybody!
Oaric / Aug 22, 2012
As per Kate Paiz over on the Lotro page - see link here.

Appears Beta was successful in identifying some issues that needed correcting prior to launch. I'm bummed, but would rather have a good expansion rather than something feeling rushed and incomplete.

Also, it appears the NDA has been lifted as well - based on the few scans of the official discussion thread (found here), it looks like Rohan will be pretty sweet. A lot of positive responses to it.