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[Pinned] Introductions

[Pinned] Introductions

I didn't see an 'intro' thread. If there is, feel free to merge threads, if so able.Just thought I'd take a brief moment to say hello to all of my kinnies. :DI am Barangol. Brown cloak, in the Sindarin tongue. Though lately my cloak and garb has b...
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[Pinned] Membership Rules and Guidelines

About the Iron Axes: We are primarily a social kinship that loves and endeavors to enjoy all aspects of the game, be it RP, questing, crafting, running instances or skirmishes, farming TP, deeding, leveling alts, and so on. As a whole, we tend no...
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[Pinned] The Story of the Iron Axes

Chapter 1: Origins*The dwarf leans his large hammer against the wall in the corner and drops his frayed pack alongside it. He turns, and sits heavily in the cushioned chair facing the fire. Drawing a plain wooden pipe from a pocket inside his sh...
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Post-storm roll call

I made it through well. Power's out & comms are mostly down, but the important things are fine.How's everyone else?
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Farewell from Tippsie

I guess its time to admit that I've given up on LOTRO. I haven't logged in for almost a month and I probably won't.A big thank you for all the Kin members I've met and had fun with. Good luck with your journeys and I hope our paths cross again.In ...
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Ironsight Sniper here saying hello

Hey guys thanks for the awesome invite and so far i am enjoying the guild very well i am here to say hello to everyone who in the guild and let u guys kno alittle about me i was born in athens greece when i was 8 yrs old i moved to america with m...
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