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APPEARANCE AND BACKSTORYStanding about five and a half feet tall, Gaelia is every inch a typical willowy teenage girl who has grown up around horses her whole life. Clearly she is of Bree-land, yet her hair tinged in chestnut, speaks of a Rohirric...
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Need help for bio - what Dourhand bosses will we encounter in the game?

Besides Skorgrim, that is. I want to have my character be somewhat sympathetic towards Dourhands, since he lived with them in Ered Luin his whole life and until they found Skorgrim's body they really weren't that bad. In fact, Farlan owes his life...
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Hildolfr Ironhammer

Appearance Hildolfr stands reasonably tall at 4'9" and is stocky with a broad barrel chest. His deep-set eyes are a light blue, rare for a Dwarf and betraying his ancestry to those Dwarrow driven from the Ered Mithrain many long years ago. His...
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Beremis Bio - Partially complete! Please read/help

This bio for Beremis and partly Beresanor pays plenty of homeage to the Lord of the Rings books. I do not mean to claim all of this as my own. I am purposely trying to replicate the feeling and writing style of the books. I have used various situa...
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Help me write a bio for Beremis! I want to incorporate a cool way in which I joined the Axes. Anyone who would want to/let me include them in this tale would be awesome. Feedback, input and contributions welcome.Also I need a man warden/hunter/bur...
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[This is another character of mine based off of one I used to write about in Star Wars Galaxies.]Tai’nera: Lost (Introduction)It was a dark, rainy, and windy night in the town of Bree. Most everyone took shelter in their homes for fear of the cold...
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Nicolaa and Aaidan

((This is the journal of Nicolaa and Aaidan it is set some 200 years before joining the Axes it is to give you some background info on our Characters part one starts off with Nico))Part one Soldier of Gondor -Nicolaa's Journal My kin and I had ...
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The life of Mathfield Winters.... -Part 1.

The the pony....or my home, anywhere really. The smelters...the ash the soot...the crack and torment of the log. It all reminds me of that day....oh so long ago..what was it now? Hm...fifty? No,no. Fifty one! Aye yes, fifty one years i...
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The story of a lone hunter named ironsight

hello my fellow kin mates let me first say my name ironshot sniper is not my real name and my last 4 yrs i cant talk about but i can tell u alittle about my past. i hailed from thorim's hall like oaric and we were drinking buddies in the local ta...
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Izladan Lindon

Mahn Aduial (Good Evening),My name is Izladan (Iz-lah-den), of Lindon Elf descent. I'm still a youngin by Elven standards (14 evenings ago marked the 974th anniversary of my birth). I've been told for many years, by many of my elders that I have p...
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Aranordir's Biography

The character of Aranordir has an evolving biography. Given that he is quite old, there is an amount of content greater than can fit within LOTRO's biography window.For those of you more familiar with the 'lore' of Lord of the Rings than myself, p...
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Aaidan Aura

Aaidan AuraOriginsAaidan was a Silvan elf, born in Lothlorien. His parents were Alterai his father, and his mother Esh’har. His father was a strong warrior who died defending the woods of Lothlorien during an attack from Sauron. Aaidan was five hu...
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Oh damn, I'm so drunk that I can't refuse to speak about myself... almost.I would crumble if I had some pipe-weed too, like the one you keep over there... yeah, just like that.Want to know about Vemal? Noooo, I'll tell you the story of a friend of...
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Name: Dogaul Son of Falin. Age: 97 Origin: Long beards of the Grey Mountains.Having lived out the more youthful half of his life inside the vast network of mines that lie in the grey mountains; Dogaul found reason to leave the comforts b...
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Lhilly Greentoes

‘Ullo, and well met to you sirs! I’m Lhilly, of the Frogmorton Greentoes! Please to make your acquaintance, I am! Why did I come all the way out to this big town of Michel Delving, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! My pa said “Lhilly, if you want...
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Razo Mossyfoot

Chapter 1: Incompetent Farm-Hand of LumbergnonMany a farm-hand have come and go throughout Old Farmer Heliotro's reign at the Hayward Family Mushroom Farm in the hamlet of Willowbottom, East Farthing; Heliotro's step-grand nephew, Razo, however, i...
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Irûmkor Brownbeard

The dwarf looks groggily at you over his mug, and his eyes peer at you through the haze of his pipe-smoke.I am Irûmkor, though they call me the Brownbeard because of this thing *gives a sharp tug at the mass of brown hair that grows from his chin*...
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Oaric Ilmari

I am Oaric, son of Aorik, son of Iorak of the Line of Ilmarik, my grand-sire who survived and fled Khazad-Dum when there Durin's Bane awoke. I seek my father, who with my grandfather left in the service of Brogur on their expedition to Moria. No...
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