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[Pinned] Introductions

[Pinned] Introductions

I didn't see an 'intro' thread. If there is, feel free to merge threads, if so able.Just thought I'd take a brief moment to say hello to all of my kinnies. :DI am Barangol. Brown cloak, in the Sindarin tongue. Though lately my cloak and garb has b...
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[Pinned] [Poll] [EU] Instance Night poll for good days

First of two polls: looking to get feedback on when its good day for the EU folk to get together for Instance Night. If multiple nights are good for you, just reply to the thread saying as much.Thanks!
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[Pinned] [Poll] [EU] Instance Night poll for good times

Part 2 of the poll: looking for feedback on what time is good for the EU Instance night. Choices will be limited to the evening GMT - if you have others to add, feel free to reply and suggest them.Thanks!Obviously, you don't have be to a EU'er to...
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[Pinned] Membership Rules and Guidelines

About the Iron Axes: We are primarily a social kinship that loves and endeavors to enjoy all aspects of the game, be it RP, questing, crafting, running instances or skirmishes, farming TP, deeding, leveling alts, and so on. As a whole, we tend no...
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[Pinned] The Story of the Iron Axes

Chapter 1: Origins*The dwarf leans his large hammer against the wall in the corner and drops his frayed pack alongside it. He turns, and sits heavily in the cushioned chair facing the fire. Drawing a plain wooden pipe from a pocket inside his sh...
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EU Events suggestions.

So I was wondering, we haven't had some events/skirms in a while now.Therefore I'd like to organise something with our EU section of the kin. Of Course USA players are welcome too! If, by any chance more NA players are willing to join, we could pe...
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Red Maid

Thinking of running through the Red Maid Fellowship stuff tonight if anyone is interested/there are enough people around. About 1030GMT I expect...Evy
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Post-storm roll call

I made it through well. Power's out & comms are mostly down, but the important things are fine.How's everyone else?
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Role Play Forums

RP story Creation (continue adding to the story, but please do not make it overy crazy)

Hello folks! This is a OOC RP thing for fun. I start up a story and we go on untill it is finished. Please nothing absurd or horrible, keep it going! *Oaric walks down the road to bree while combing hi...
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APPEARANCE AND BACKSTORYStanding about five and a half feet tall, Gaelia is every inch a typical willowy teenage girl who has grown up around horses her whole life. Clearly she is of Bree-land, yet her hair tinged in chestnut, speaks of a Rohirric...
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Need help for bio - what Dourhand bosses will we encounter in the game?

Besides Skorgrim, that is. I want to have my character be somewhat sympathetic towards Dourhands, since he lived with them in Ered Luin his whole life and until they found Skorgrim's body they really weren't that bad. In fact, Farlan owes his life...
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EU Event/skirmish

Hey guys,Do you think it would be a good idea if we have a EU event or something else? I think it's good for our EU players here!Anyway if there are enough EU members willing to join in said event, we should have one!Thanks!Andu
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Role Play Forums

The wooing of Pindy

Dinkum threw open the door to his hobbit hole and stomped inside"Fat am I!" he mumbled "Ill show her!"Stomping over to his writing desk he sat down with a harumph and took out the forms she had thrust in his hand."Am i good enough to marry...bah.....
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Scavenger Hunt!

As written by the player of Khazgur so you can get 'normal' english rather than Khazgish.I fancy running a Scavenger hunt on Monday the 6th of August about 8:30 UK time if there'd be some interest in it?. As ever spare crafts stuff does to the kin...
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Role Play Forums

The Farithains of Brockenborings

Hello. I'll use this thread for all stories and backgrounds regarding my family of Hobbits, the Farithains, and various supporting characters. I started this idea a couple of years ago on Landroval but took a long break from lotro. Starting fresh ...
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Hildolfr Ironhammer

Appearance Hildolfr stands reasonably tall at 4'9" and is stocky with a broad barrel chest. His deep-set eyes are a light blue, rare for a Dwarf and betraying his ancestry to those Dwarrow driven from the Ered Mithrain many long years ago. His...
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Beremis Bio - Partially complete! Please read/help

This bio for Beremis and partly Beresanor pays plenty of homeage to the Lord of the Rings books. I do not mean to claim all of this as my own. I am purposely trying to replicate the feeling and writing style of the books. I have used various situa...
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Help me write a bio for Beremis! I want to incorporate a cool way in which I joined the Axes. Anyone who would want to/let me include them in this tale would be awesome. Feedback, input and contributions welcome.Also I need a man warden/hunter/bur...
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Role Play Forums

The Chronicles of Graywolf

OOC: I thought I would introduce my old character Graywolf. I loved the char, and maybe seeing this will inspire other people to make backgrounds for their characters as well.The Chronicles of Aaidan GraywolfA Random JournalIt was a dark dreary da...
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1 Year Anniversary Fishing Derby (EU) or Pindy's fishing adventure!

'Well it's a bit damp and foggy' thought Pindy as she arrived at Halecatch Lake, clutching a very large picnic basket, a plaid rug and her prized Lebethron fishing pole. 'Hope we get some enthusiastic fisherfolk to make this an event to remember'...
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